N.E.I. designs, manufactures, sells, commissions and services the patented and Type Approved Venturi Oxygen Stripping™ (VOS™) Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). The VOS™ BTWS fully complies with the IMO’s Ballast Water Discharge Standards, while maintaining a low oxygen environment within the ballast tanks that inhibits steel corrosion and prolongs the life of ballast tank coatings. Please visit the Technology Section for a detailed description of how the VOS™ System operates.

The VOS™ BWTS comes in six (6) configurations to match the ballast water flow rates of small ships to the largest commercial vessels built, and can be custom designed or configured in parallel systems to accommodate unlimited ranges of ballast water flow rates. VOS™ System standard models include VOS-500, VOS-1000, VOS-2000, VOS-3000, VOS-4000 and VOS-6000.

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VOS Ballast Water Management Flow Rate

VOS Ballast Water Management System Diagram