N.E.I.’s patented Venturi Oxygen Stripping™ (VOS™) System uses deoxygenation and cavitation to ensure 100% compliance with IMO’s Ballast Water Discharge Standards, safely and cost-effectively eliminating harmful aquatic organisms without the use of active substances.

The VOS™ System creates a low-oxygen, non-toxic environment which protects the ship’s ballast tank coatings against degradation and prevents corrosion of steel surfaces, thereby extending the vessel’s useful life to more than 30 years and delivering a compelling return on investment.

VOS™ Ballast Water Treatment System Features and Benefits

Safe for installation and operations:

✓   No use of dangerous chemicals
✓   Intrinsically safe for installation in hazardous zones

Does not limit trading range – operates in all ports and every type of water:

✓   Fresh or salt
✓   Warm or cold
✓   Muddy or polluted

Currently installed on Tankers, Bulk Carriers and Container Vessels

Unlimited ballast water flow rate capacity

Compelling return on investment:

✓   Low maintenance costs
✓   Can eliminate topping generator for oil tankers
✓   Eliminates ballast tank air vent heads

VOS Venturi Injectors VOS SGG-5000 Stripping Gas Generator