Commercial ship owners and operators are challenged by the need to balance their safety and economic concerns with the requirement to comply with pending national and international Ballast Water Management regulations. These new ballast water management regulations are driving rapid development and introduction of a variety of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) solutions into the marketplace, and ship owners and shipyards are faced with determining which BWTS technology best meets their needs based on many critical factors, including:

Ballast Water Management Compliance – N.E.I.’s VOS™ System was the first BWTS to receive Type Approval per IMO Guidelines, and the first BWTS to receive Type Approval Certificates from multiple Flag Administrations.

System – VOS™ has Class Society Type Approval at the component and system design level; is intrinsically safe for installation in all hazardous zones of a ship; and uses no active substances in operation.

Costs, Size and Operations - The VOS™ System has among the lowest life-cycle costs of all competing BWTS based on purchase price, maintenance costs and reduced ballast tank maintenance cost related to corrosion prevention; is among the most compact; and operates effectively in all type of water – salt or fresh, warm or cold, and muddy or polluted – thereby not limiting the trading range of the vessel.

Venturi Oxygen Stripping™ is the safest, simplest and most cost effective way to achieve ballast water management compliance. Dissolved oxygen is lowered to an hypoxic treatment level in less than 10 seconds, completing the physical treatment process before the water enters the ballast tank. Biological treatment begins immediately as the ballast tanks fill with deoxygenated water.